Warning: Red Flags! What to Do if Your Lawyer Gets Suspended

Let’s face it, legal issues can be stressful. You hire an attorney to guide you through the maze, someone you trust to represent your best interests.

But what happens if that attorney gets suspended from practicing law? Yikes! This can leave you feeling confused, frustrated, and unsure of how to proceed.

What Does “Suspended” Actually Mean?

An attorney suspension is a disciplinary action taken by the state bar association. It means the lawyer is temporarily prohibited from practicing law.

The reasons for suspension can vary but might include ethical violations, misconduct, or failing to meet continuing education requirements.

Hold On, My Lawyer Just Got Suspended! What Should I Do?

If you find out your lawyer has been suspended, here are some crucial steps to take:

  • Contact the Lawyer Immediately: Try to reach out to your lawyer to understand the situation and get any important documents or case files.
  • Don’t Panic, But Act Quickly: A suspension doesn’t necessarily mean your case is doomed. However, time is of the essence.
  • Consult Another Attorney: You’ll need to find a new lawyer to handle your case. Be upfront about your situation and the previous attorney’s suspension.
  • Inform the Court (If Applicable): If you have an upcoming court date, you’ll need to inform the judge about your lawyer’s suspension and request permission to proceed with a new attorney or represent yourself (not recommended).
  • Review Your Fee Agreement: Depending on the terms of your agreement and the reason for the suspension, you might be entitled to a refund of some or all of your legal fees.

Remember: Always Check Your Attorney’s Credentials!

Here’s a valuable tip to avoid this situation in the first place: before hiring any lawyer, verify their license to practice in good standing with your state bar association. Most state bar websites offer a searchable database for attorney license verification.

Finding Help After a Lawyer Suspension

Being represented by a suspended attorney can be a setback, but it doesn’t have to derail your case entirely. By following these steps and seeking guidance from a new lawyer, you can regain control and ensure your legal rights are protected.

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